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Bible - interpreting Scripture, Bible translations, reliability of the Bible, miscellaneous trivia.


Church & Churchianity - local church, leadership & services, "churchiness" & "Christianese," spiritual gifts, controversial behavior.


End Times - end of the world, antichrist, revelation, heaven & hell.


Evil - Satan, sin, "unforgiveable sin," God's forgiveness.


Family & Friends - Family matters, school priorities, friendship, forgiving.


God - God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.


Media - music & dancing, television, video games.


Overcoming Struggles - trials and temptations, emotional distress, substance abuse.


Philosophy - existence of God, doubts & discouragements, "playing God," judgment, predestination & foreknowledge, human nature & existentialism.


Politics - environment, feminism & women's roles, homosexuality, justice, life before birth, rulership.


Prayer - what/when/how to pray, answers to prayer, fasting.


Pursuing God - true saving faith, spiritual growth, God's will.


Religious Differences - Christianity vs. other religions, Catholicism, Islam, denominations, evangelism, cults and false teachers.


Romance - lust & pornography, attraction & love, dating, marriage & divorce, sex.


Science - evolution & old earth theory, outer space, biology, miscellaneous.


Supernatural Influences - angels, demons & exorcism, sleep phenomena, occult & psychics, miscellaneous


Work & Wealth - school, work, money



Personal Questions - family & personal history, hypothetical & theoretical, ministry, recreation.