1) Bedding:

                                   a) Sleeping Bag

                                   b) Pillow (optional)

                                   c) Warm Pajamas

                                   d) Alarm (battery-powered)


2) Clothing for [X] days:

                                   a) Shirts

                                   b) Pants

                                   c) Socks

                                   d) Underwear

                                   e) Jacket/Sweaters

                                   f) Scarf/Gloves

                                   g) Shoes


3) Toiletries:

                                   a) Toothbrush & toothpaste

                                   b) Comb/Brush

                                   c) Contact Lens & Solution

                                   d) Soap & Shampoo

                                   e) Shower Sandals (optional)

                                   f) Towel

                                   g) Hair Product and/or Make-up
                                   h) Feminine Products

                                   i) Shaving Razor & Cream


4) Miscellaneous:

                                    a) Bible

                                   b) Cash for vending machines (max 10 dollars)

                                   c) Journal & Pen

                                   d) Cell Phone & charger (for alarm use only)
                                   e) Camera/Camcorder, film/memory, batteries, charger
                                   f) Flashlight

                           g) Medication (inform leaders!)

                           h) Identification (Driver’s License)


5) Drivers
                                   a) Map with Printed Directions (both ways!)
                                   b) Facility Phone Numbers
                                   c) Other Drivers' Phone Numbers
                                   d) Snow Chains
                                   e) Jumper Cables
                                   f) AAA Membership
                                   g) Bluetooth Headset

                           h) Walkie talkies

6) Travel Documents

                           a) Passport

                           b) Greencard

                           c) Driver's License

                           d) Birth Certificate

                           e) Airline Ticket (departing flight & returning flight)


7) Ministry Supplies (leaders should use these categories to develop more specific lists)

_______               a) Band (instruments/cables, amps, drum throne/rug/sticks, strings & batteries, music stands/lights, chord sheets)

                           b) Sound (soundboard/cables, speakers/monitors, projector/screen, singer & speaker microphones)

_______               c) Cables (instrument, power splitters, extension cords, audio adapters, painter's tape)

                           d) Hospitality (evening snacks, first aid)

_______               e) Tools (duct tape, screwdriver)

_______               f) Decorations (encouragement bags, paper/pens, painter's tape)

_______               g) Games (supplies, prizes, uniforms)

_______               h) Cooking (pots, flatware, utensils, napkins ingredients)

_______               i) Ordinances (baptism, communion)

                           j) Memorabilia (pens, t-shirts, booklets)

8) Childcare

                           a) Diapers, Wipes, Diaper Bag

                           b) Crib & Changing Station & Nightlight

                           c) Stroller

                           d) Toys, DVDs & Player, Books, etc.

                           e) Snacks

                           f) Eating Bowls, Utensils, Bibs, Booster Seats


9) Prepare for Your Guest Speaker

                           a) Room Accommodations

                           b) Pulpit & Microphone, Spare Batteries

                           c) Recording Equipment, Memory Cards, Connecting Cables

                           d) Care Package

                           e) Honorarium


9) If You Are A Guest Speaker

                           a) Preaching (sermon notes, flash drive, slideshows, props)

                           b) Work Supplies (laptop, table/chair, books/commentaries)