Current Series

THE BIBLE (current)

Kings - The Fall of the Monarchy (current)


Jordan Talitha Cho - Joy in the Tears


New Testament Sermons:

James - The Spiritual Growth Manual (current)

Galatians - The Gospel Under Siege (5 weeks)

1&2 Thessalonians - Living the Present in Light of the Future (6 weeks)

Matthew - Jesus Messiah, King of the Jews (13 weeks)

1 Corinthians - Church Problems (23 weeks)

2 Corinthians - Godly Strength Over Human Weakness (7 weeks)

Romans - The Gospel According to Paul (12 weeks)

Ephesians - Becoming the People We're Called to Be (5 weeks)

Mark - The Call to Discipleship (8 weeks)

Philippians - The Joy of the Lord (5 weeks)

Philemon - Forgiven to Forgive (1 week)

Colossians - The Christ-Centered Church (4 weeks)

Luke - Good News to the Poor (17 weeks)

Acts - The Movement of the Holy Spirit (8 weeks)

1&2 Timothy & Titus - How to Pastor the Church (6 weeks)

1&2 Peter - Having a Heavenly Perspective (4 weeks)

Hebrews - From Judaism to Jesus (7 weeks)

Jude - Contending for the Faith (1 week)

John - Jesus, God in Flesh (26 weeks)

1-3 John - Living in God's Light and Love (4 weeks)

Revelation - Revealing the Victory of Jesus (16 weeks, plus 6 appendices)


Old Testament Bible Studies

Genesis - The Beginning of God's People (17 weeks)

Exodus - The Gospel of Moses (7 weeks)

Leviticus - Israel's Worship Manual (4 weeks)

Numbers - The Journey to the Promised Land (5 weeks)

Deuteronomy - Three Sermons by Moses (5 weeks)

Joshua - Conquering the Promised Land (3 weeks)

Judges - Israel's Increasing Apostasy (8 weeks)

Ruth - The Kindness of a Savior (1 week)

1 Samuel - The Rise of King David (13 weeks)

2 Samuel - The Reign of King David (9 weeks)

Ecclesiastes - The Meaning of Life (3 weeks)

Song of Solomon - The Guidebook to Godly Love (5 weeks)



Topical Series

Duets - Two Voices, One Song (3 weeks)

The Lord's Prayer (8 weeks)

The Twelve Disciples (8 weeks)

The Last Week of Jesus (7 weeks)

Responding to Natural Disaster (formal response to the recent earthquake near Japan on March 11th, 2011).

The Inn, the Manger, and Other Popular Myths (a response to Christmas misunderstandings)

The Bible - A Big Picture Look (an overview of the structure of the entire Bible)

Church as a Community

The Seven Mile Journey

The Theology of Baptism



Duets - Two Voices, One Song (current)

Unstoppable Church - 2014 Winter Retreat



Guest Speakers

The Most Worthwhile Pursuit (Jason Ko)

Pride (James Shin)

Psalm 73 (James Shin)