The Human Soul

A study of the nature of humanity, the image of God, and the implications these have on science, politics, and morality.

1. The Beginning of Life and Abortion

2. Bioethics

3. The End of Life

4. Dying on Purpose

Church and State

A biblical examination of how our Christian faith is exercised in government and politics.

1. Civil Government

2. Capital Punishment

3. War

Loving Our Neighbors

Three topics on how we can love neighbors properly.

1.  Lying and Telling the Truth

2.  Racial Discrimination

3.  Stewardship 

Cults & Counterfeits

A brief look at religions that claim to teach the Bible, but stray away from its essential doctrine.

1. The Essential Doctrines

2. Catholicism

3. Islam

4. Mormonism

5. Jehovah's Witnesses

Women of the Bible

Here is a character study of some of the important women that are often recognized, but rarely understood.

1. Mary Magdalene

2. Martha & Mary

3. Ruth

4. Sarah

5. Mary, the Mother of Jesus

6. Hannah

The Book of Joshua

This is a 4-week look at the major events in Israel immediately after the death of Moses--namely, the conquest of the Promised Land.

1. Israel's New Leader

2. Rahab the Prostitute

3. The Fall of Jericho

4. Promised Land, Promise Kept