Amy, a typical college girl, comes home to her apartment, tired from the day.  Hoping to spend some time with God, she is constantly distracted by everything in her home, even though she is the only one home...or is she?



Amy and Tommy find each other in the library.  Romance begins to blossom as the two are alone together, while neither of the two notice that there is a third.


F.M.L. ("Film My Life")

In this martial arts comedy, Rand discovers that his life is really just a movie in which he is an actor, and his conflict with Jason isn't as real as he thinks it is.  Realizing this is the first step to taking hold of life that is truly life.


F.M.L. 2 - The Search for a Sequel

The wacky duo of Rand and Jason are back, stronger than before.  What will they do when their friends David and Rachel try to take over the movie franchise so that they can be the stars of FML 3?


F.M.L. 3 - Rise of the Stunt Doubles

Premiering on April 25th, 2015 at Second Nature's 2015 Reel Life Film Festival, this third film brings Rand, Jason, Rachel, and David back together again to face their greatest threat yet: a shadow from the past that threatens the very fabric of their teamwork--their friendship.



Kung Fu Fighting

This is a video made in 1996 during my junior year in high school.  It was a history class assignment to make a dance video for a song from the 70s.  Naturally, I chose kung fu fighting, and instead of dance I decided to do...kung fu fighting.


Korean Festival 2010 (song 1, song 2, song 3)

Mike Chong, Rachel Lee, Ryan Koh, and David Hong dance on stage with Korean pop star Yoo Seung Jun in Garden Grove, California at the 2010 Korean Festival.





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